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This is page of a brainfuck language interpreter

About language

Download brainfuck interpreter:

version file minimum required JVM
0.0.3 BrainfuckInterpreter2.jar Java 5
0.0.7 BrainfuckInterpreter2.jar Java 6
1.0 RC1 bf_j5.tar.bz2 Java 5
1.1 bfrun1.1_j5.tar.bz2 Java 5
1.1.1 bfrun1.1.1_j5.tar.bz2 Java 5

Interpreter requires Java Runtime Environment

you can get it at

Whats New

news in: 0.0.7
1. Performance grows up to 10-15 times!
2. Added mode, ignores invalid chars (e.g. comments)
news in: 1.0
1. Added debug mode, debugger in progress
2. Bf VM currently support 16bit and 32bit cells and PI16.BF works correctly
news in: 1.1
1. Performnce grows up to 2-3 times
2. Added compiled code dump
3. Added optimization levels
4. Added code statistics output
5. We are faster than Clifford's interpreter written in C
news in: 1.1.1
Some bugs fixed.

Report bug

Download brainfuck test files

factor.b.txt calculates factor an arbitrarily large positive integer

quine.b.txt prints itself source

PI16.BF prints digits of PI Towers of Hanoi in Brainf*ck (you can see anything only undex UNIX). in 0.0.3 working about 190 sec, in 0.0.7 about 14s, in 1.0 about 9s, in 1.1 about 5s Ryan beer sample. prints many beer iterations :)


Interpreter is crossplatform in cuase it inplemented in Java. You can start it at any platform.

Interpreter is free

There are no any warranties: it can contains bugs and you may use it for your own risk


open your terminal (ex. cmd in Win32)


cd [your downloaded jar file path]

java -jar BrainfuckInterpreter2.jar


java -jar BrainfuckInterpreter2.jar myfile.b

to perform your brainfuck file

Bye bye.

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